Goodwood House, situated a couple of miles north of Chichester, has been the ancestral home of the Gordon-Lennox family since 1692.

The head of the family is currently the 10th Duke of Richmond.

In 1949, during the days of National Service, Stanley Price had been called up to join the Green Jackets, a regiment with a distinguished background, being formed from the Rifle Brigade and the Kings Royal Rifle Corps.

Stanley arrived at Bushfield Barracks near Winchester, and on the first day was issued with a full set of army uniform.

On the  second day, the conscripts had to wrap up the civilian clothes they had arrived in, and queue up to send them home.

Stanley found himself standing in line behind a pair of brothers, whose surname was Gordon-Lennox.

As the first brother handed over his package, the corporal in charge looked at the addressee, who just happened to be his mother, the Duchess of Richmond, and shouted: “Blimey, look at this, a bloke sending his clothes home to a boozer.”