Chichester Tour Guides can take you well beyond the ancient walls of Chichester to locations throughout Southern England and beyond.  Whether you wish to explore a new city or take a themed tour discovering ‘behind the scene’ stories, we aim to delight and entertain you.

Here are some ideas:

Coastal Heritage
To some, the coast in our region defines the origin of the English.  Whether it’s the Romans or Anglo-Saxons settling this region up to 2000 years ago, or the marauding Vikings or the Norman Invasion and the Battle of Hastings we can guide you through this rich heritage. Combine a walk in the shopping ‘Lanes’ of Brighton with stories of 19th Century ‘Goings-On’ in the Royal Pavilion. More locally we can take you on coastal walks to places like Bosham and speculate on King Harold’s Naval Base, or learn of the seafaring history of Portsmouth, now the home of the modern Royal Navy.


Landed Aristocracy of West Sussex
A drive through West Sussex reveals a landscape shaped by the history of its ownership and use. Rolling hills, charming villages (often with delightful pubs!), and superb country houses.  We can offer tours of the ancient, and some say cursed, ruins of Cowdray House, magnificent Goodwood House with its stunning art collection, fairy tale Arundel Castle, Petworth or Parham. There are many fine estates and gardens within easy reach of Chichester, their presence over the centuries holds some fascinating stories we would love to share with you.


Military History
One third of the world speaks English, explore with us to find out why! Britain’s projection of power and influence throughout the world has its origins in Portsmouth where we experience the history of the Royal Navy.  We can take you from Porchester Castle where medieval troops massed ready to embark for battle in France, to HMS Victory in Portsmouth where we explore the life of seamen ‘impressed’ by the 18th Century press gangs, and on through history to the locations associated with the Royal Air Force and their ‘Finest Hour’ during the Battle of Britain in the Second World War.


Literary and Artistic Heritage
Sussex has proved a catalyst for hundreds of years worth of creative energy. Writers, artists, musicians and designers have found inspiration in the tranquility of the rolling Sussex Downs or the vibrant atmospheric towns. Close to Chichester tours are based around the work of Eric Gill, William Blake and John Keats.Further afield we go on the trail of literary figures such as Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, Virginia Woolf and  A.A. Milne’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’. Brighton offers the world of Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’, plus the setting for the film ‘Quadrophenia’ and a little further we visit the Bloomsbury’s Charleston Farmhouse.


Dreaming Spires
We extend our reach to the ancient university cities of Oxford and Cambridge.  There is virtually no part of Britain’s history that has not been profoundly affected by members of these famous institutions.  In Oxford we will show you the world famous Radcliffe Camera and Henry the VIII’s famous college, Christchurch.  In Cambridge we visit one of the most beautiful examples of the English Gothic style: King’s College Chapel.  Come and marvel with us at England’s intellectual heritage and be introduced to names like Newton, Wren and Darwin


These are just some of the extended tours and excursions ChTG can offer but we are able to provide a bespoke tour to meet your specific interests, just contact us with your ideas, we will be delighted to discuss exactly what you want.