All our Chichester walking tours provide an informative and fascinating insight into the history and culture of the City. In order to ensure a relaxed and informal atmosphere we try to keep groups small, and aim for no more than fifteen visitors per guide.

Pricing: Our regular tours last approximately 1½ hours and cost £10 per person  (minimum total charge £40). However visits can be longer or shorter depending on the time you and your group have available.

We can create a tour for any occasion or any interest. The examples below are just some of those we offer; ultimately the only limit is the imagination.

Chichester City Highlights
Within the historic city walls of our beautiful city, an easy walk takes you through the ages; from Roman Baths to award winning architecture of the 21st century, via medieval streets and the Market Cross, Georgian residences, the Cathedral quadrant and much more besides.
Green Chichester
Let us take you to, and through award winning and historical gardens and parks of Chichester. Start in the recently renovated Bishop’s Palace Gardens and stroll through the city discovering some of the lesser-known green spaces on the way. Discover the history of Priory Park, learn about the trees of the Jubilee Gardens and the Canal Basin
Chichester’s Architectural Heritage
From the Roman Baths to Pallant House Gallery. Between the Roman and Post-modern we discover Norman, Medieval, Georgian and Victorian architectural examples. We consider the wide variety of building materials used – some which boast and some which economise, some which astound and some which hide.
Herons, Peregrines and Golden Cockerels
Stories from the Cathedral precincts where we take a tour of the Cathedral’s history from the Roman Walls of its past to the Peregrine ‘Des Res’ of its present. We include the Bishop’s Palace Gardens, pass The Deanery and find out why a local butcher shot a heron perched on the Cathedral spire!


Art and Sculpture Discovery
A tour of the City’s broad range of public art and the places which inspired some of our best-known artists. Included are works by Philip Jackson and John Skelton, as well as places which were familiar to William Blake and Eric Gill. Group entry to the Cathedral and Pallant House can be arranged.
The Romans beneath your Feet
The foundations of Chichester were established by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago. Our tour follows in their footsteps tracing the places where they lived, socialised, worshipped and defended their city – from their Public Baths to the City Walls.
These are just some of the tours ChTG offer. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides can create itineraries and tour packages to suit all tastes and ages.